Associations: a compilation zinemaking workshop

🪄 TZL presents ASSOCIATIONS – an opportunity to abandon mementos and memories that no longer serve you, all within the pages of a compilation zine 🧙⛓️

⚰️ the idea: inspired by many other exhibitions that give individuals the space to anonymously leave associations behind. each participant will be invited to create one page that will form a collective zine. ridding ourselves of unhelpful associations that once held so much weight isn’t easy, and so the intention of the work is to aid in this process. this prompt can be interpreted in many ways. these associations may be connected to family, friendships, ex-partners, past selves, spaces you no longer frequent, eras of your life, etc.

⚰️ what it might look like:
~ poetry
~ journal entries
~ drawings
~ collages
~ letters
~ photos

⚰️ when: wednesday february 7th, 6-9pm

⚰️ where: the tranzac ~ 292 brunswick ave ~ the living room

⚰️ free entry ~ donations accepted ~ masking preferred.

*larger physical objects may be deposited and labeled for exhibition. all zinemaking supplies will be provided. this zine will be photocopied and distributed at the library and at zine fairs. the proceeds will go towards the library 🫶

🪄 poster designed by the lovely @milesimilessimisleslime