all the zines : the november update

here are the zines we’ve added to our library catalogue during the past month. thank you everyone for your contributions of these most excellent zines to our ever expanding collection. you are seriously the best. yes, you.



Various. AQSAZINE. Issue #2 / Fall ’09. Politics. Booksize.

Ross, Jamie. Coldwater. Litzine. Booksize.

Unknown. sagittarius horoscope: may.31.2007. Comiczine. Oddsize.

Lawrence, Cate. REQBAT presents: Counting Crows (One to Forty). Comiczine. Oddsize.

Ugly Duckling Presse. 6×6 #20. Litzine. Oddsize.

Jurkowski, A.M. Passing Notes in Class. Fanzine. Halfsize.

Aelick, J. Reginald. Monster Mash #1. Art. Quartersize.

D. Emma & You, Luke. Guest informant #1. Perzine. Halfsize.

Beitragen, Mit. Schrottland #5. Art. Oddsize.

Beitragen, Mit. Schrottland #4. Art. Oddsize.

Morrigan, Clementine. The Dangerous Powers of Witches: Spirituality, Autonomy, Community, and Literacy. Litzine. Quartersize.

Donato, Alfie. Wretchy Zine. Litzine. Halfsize.

dorke. gold rushes. Comics. Halfsize.

Ruin, Jolie. The Escapist Artist #10. Perzine. Halfsize.

Auman, Chris. Reglar Wiglar #22. Perzine. Halfsize.

Krumins, Imants. Craig & Leah. Imantzine Issue #1 June 2013. Art. Half-legal.

Buchanan, Tom & Maeve, Zoe. How Feelings Change Quickly & George Wallace. Litzine. Halfsize.

Sheridan, Jess. 11:59. Comics. Halfsize.

MC Sunflower Jones Productions. I Wanna Believe : Conspiracies & Shit. Litzine. Halfsize.

Riotfag, Nick. Towards a Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle. Politics. Booksize.

Maximumrocknroll #367 (Dec2013). Fanzine: MRR. Fanzine. Magazinesize.

The Street Post / Above the Law (Joint Issue). Vol.5 No.1. (Spring 2003). Politics. Magazine size.

Slingshot Collective. Slingshot #113 (Summer2013) and #114 (Harvest 2013). Politics. Magazinesize.

Patriquin, Lane Silas. Too Much / Not Enough : Thoughts on Gender Weirdness. Gender/Queer. Booksize.

Gatto, John Taylor. Against Schools & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling (Yggdrasil Distro). Politics. Booksize.

liesl a. Escape from Ivory Tower: Academic Papers and Reflections and Things – Equity Edition. Politics. Booksize.

Jacobs, Jesse. Blue Winter, Shapes in the Snow (2008). Comics. Oddsize.

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new and newly catalogued zines

a quick post to celebrate all our newly catalogued zines:


Tor. Deep Web. Half-size. Politics.

War, Erin. Thumb Tacks and Razor Blades. Fanzine. Half-size.

Weber, Aaron. Dead Wrestlers #1. Fanzine. Half-size.

Lewis, Jessica Cohen, Aviva Lamb, Melody & others. Static Zine iss #10 Milestones. Litzine. Half-size.

Ruin, Jolie. The Escapist Artist #18. Perzine. Half-size.

aonohirobumi and imocomi. Vagabook #1. Art. Odd-size.

COBP. Guess What! We’ve Got Rights?! Politics. Odd-size.

Corazon, Elle. Red Alert number 4. Gender/Queer. Odd-size.

Marinac, Devon. Come Close to Me. Art. Half-size.

Pretty Porky and Pissed Off. Double Double. Gender/Queer. Half-size.

Chan, Emily Reyes, Melissa. Sisters of the Sun. Gender/Queer. Odd-size.

Collaborative. Urban Velocity. Art. Half-size.

Center for Cartoon Studies. The Applied Cartooning Manifesto. Comics. Half-size.


Anonymous. Small Parts: prose poems + mini stories. Litzine. Quarter-size.

Christy: Sighera #2. Perzine. Half-size.


Weber, Aaron. STUBS: Volume 1. Fanzine. Half-size.

Anonomys. Sick Leave. Art. Odd-size.

Purkey, Steven & Prudence, Deiredree. It’s Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away. Fanzine. Quarter-size.

Purkey, Steven & Prudence, Deiredree. Firtin’ with Danger. A Lou reed Pocket Reader. Fanzine. 1/8th-size.

Belochka, Risu. Gomi Bako Issue One. Perzine. Quarter-size.

Karissa. Crackers + Honey #9. Art. Odd-size.

Iesha. White Out. Art. Quarter-size.

Continuist, the. User_Name. Art. Odd-size.

Watson, Laura. Beginners’ Guide to Homemade Sanctuaries. Comics. 1/8-size.

Aylard, Adam. Super Baby Jesus. Comics. Odd-size.

Say Uncle Sue. A FREE Say Uncle Press Sampler. Litzine. Half-size.

Kemp, Caroline. She’s Pretty Good For A Girl #2. Gender/Queer. Half-size.

Minsker, Ethan. Psycho.Moto Zine Issue no. 21. Art. Half-size.

Neon, Angel. Scam City Alternative Medicine #67. Humour. Quarter-size.

big boots: issue 3 – language. various: una lee, karen okamoto, souvankham thammavongsa, arlene hunter. politics: anti-racism. odd size.

The Escapist Artist #17 (June 2014) & #19 (August 2014). by Jolie Ruin. Perzine. Booksize.

beating around the bush: a sexual health zine. compiled, edited, published by Pussy Willow. Misc/Special Interest: Health. Booksize.

Razorcake. Various: Todd Taylor. Fanzine: Punk Rock. Magazine-size.

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Hello, more zines

Do you feel your life is drab and boring? Tired of the same old routine day in, day out, week in, week out? Why not add some ZINES to your life. Colourful in content (in more than one way), zines are a guaranteed fix to all your humdrum woes. Become the exciting person you yearn to become! Come by and read some zines!



For your consideration, here are some recently catalogued zines:

    • Fermentation is Fun!!  // food // odd-size // Xander
    • Witches, Midwives & Nurses // special interest // half-size // reprint from 1972
    • We know what our fists are for // gender/queer // quarter-size // anonymous
    • The Children of Adam // politics // quarter-size // anonymous
    • Marriage & Love // politics // half-size // Emma Goldman
    • The Peak vol.29:5 // politics // full-size // various (University of Guelph)
    • Sol Rising #48 // fanzine // half-size // Alicia Freeborn
    • Amazed and Adored // art // odd-size // anonymous
    • How to Raise a Parent // litzine // half-size // Carly Stasko
    • Manit and the Nightmares // comics // odd-size // Claude Lalumiere & Robert Bottenberg
    • Keep on Dronin’ & other comix // comics // half-legal // Cameron Lee
    • 7 – 11 – 14 // perzine // odd-size // AW
    • Sigera #3:  My Big Fat Zine // perzine // half-size // Christy
    • Wiseblood (#s 59-61) // perzine // half-size //  Fishpit
    • Diary Entries from my Eating Disorder // perzine // half-size // Sofie Mikhaglova\
    • Una Lee, Sheila Sampath and Souvankham Thammavongsa. big boots 2.3 – sista resista. Litzine. Quarter-size
    • Una Lee, Sheila Sampath and Souvankham Thammavongsa. big boots 2.1 – dis/placement. Litzine. Quarter-size.
    • COPB. The Impact of Bill C-36 the “Anti-Terrorist Legislation”, Bill C-35 & C-42, “The Public Safety Act” with a Special Feature on New Money and Powers for Enforcement. Politics. Half-size.
    • Pussywillow. Beating Around the Bush … issue 2, 3, 4. Gender/Queer. Half-size.
    • K. The Bruises on my Thigh are Shaped like a Map of Italy. Perzine. Quarter-size.
    • Committee to Stop Targeted Policing. Above the Law? Politics. Odd-size.
    • heze. s/he’s got labe. Gender/Queer. Odd-size.
    • Supporting Our Youth. Fresh Off the Boat. Gender/Queer. Odd-size.
    • jae. seed. Special Interest. Quarter-size.
    • Tenacious: Writings from Women in Prison (Spring 2003, Issue 4). Various authors, Black Star Publishing. Litzine, Booksize.
    • Zine Making : an introduction. By Sarah. Misc/Special Interest: Zines on Zines. Quarter size. Written for a zine workshop in Halifax, 2003.
    • Neighbourhood Policing: Caressing the Community with an Iron Fist. by COBP: Collectif Oppose a la Brutalite Policiere / Collective Opposed to Police Brutality. Politics. Booksize.
    • MADCOW : The Blue Issue (2000). Mad Cow c/o UofT Women’s Centre, Various Authors. Gender/Queer. Booksize.
    • Letters from the War Years : some notes on love and struggle in times of war – a queer/trans/POC/anti-war zine. Various authors. Gender/Queer. Booksize.
    • Letters from the War Years: Some Notes on Love and Strugglees of War – A Queer/Trans/POC Anti-War Zine. Politics: Anti-Racism/Feminism/. Legal halfsize. 2 issues added to the collection.

And a bunch of Razorcakes, and oh so much more.

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new-to-us-zines: vintage 90s and more recent titles

lots of vintage 90s zines for your enjoyment…and some more recent titles up in the mix too.

IMG_20151006_191033 CAM05510-1

jwalke and McCallum, P. Asleep at the Wheel Summer, Fall 1993 and Spring 1994. Comics. Full-size.

Atomic Art Studio. Soul Twinkies Number 7even 1994. Comics. Full-size.

Feh! Press. Meshuggah Number 12, August 1995. Culture. Full-size.

Collaborative. Chairmen of the Bored. Art. Full-size.

Fitzwilliam, Jasmine. home. Art. Odd-size.

Powell, Nate. Walkie Talkie. Art. Half-legal.

Collaborative. The Filth Issue Three Summer 2011. Litzine. Full-size.

Mallalieu, Chris. Cafeteria Issue #2. Fanzine. Full-size.

Scam Punks. Scam #5 Jan. 2005. Politics. Full-size.

The Stink: The Official Sonic Unyon News Source (Issues 5-10, 12). Fanzine. Magazine size.

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More new zines

We received a new shipment of You by Luke You. All new issues including #700! We love your charm and  admirable consistency #perzine #lukeyou #YOU #zines

lukeYou sept2015

And here are some old and new zines we catalogued today at the TZL:

newzines sept.22.2015

  • Shithole by Corinne Mucha, an adorable comic zine. The story of  living in your first apartment, this zine contains a catalogue of items, a cast of characters, and Sammy the cat. LOVE It. #COMICzine #booksize #CorinneMucha #Shithole
  • Quilliad Issues 1-5 – a Homer-inspired litzine with prose, poetry, art and ruminations. #litzine
  • Razorcake #87 available @ TZL now! #fanzine #punkrock #DIY
  • The Wistful Wanderings of Worms by James Keir. Life, death and reincarnation through the eyes of a worm (if a worm even has this zine to find out..) #comiczine #booksize
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People donated some zines and we catalogued them

Well, hello again.

We have another batch of freshly catalogued zines to share with you. There’s a lot of them, so below is a selected list. Photos feature the large extent of them.  Come check ’em out.

20150916_190210 20150916_190705 20150916_190826 20150916_190953

  • Random Doodles // comics // odd-size // Ehab Arafeh
  • The Fika Diaries // comic // half-size // Fiona Avocado
  • Andina // comic // half-size // Ines Estrada
  • Wish Zine // comics // half-size // Sae Kimura & Jordan Aelick
  • Nice Try // comics // odd-size // Terence Love
  • Node Pajomo XVI // art // half-size // various
  • RONG!!!!!!! // art // half-size // anon
  • Hello my name is Swarm // art // odd-size // Swarm
  • Cheering for the Montreal Canadiens and other things I never did before // litzine // half-size // Em Cameron
  • Recoverup // litzine // quarter-size // Em Cameron
  • Routed // litzine // half-size // xxxblake
  • Super Trans Powers // gender/queer // odd-size // various
  • Weird Terrain – Musings from an Asexual Perspective #1 // gender/queer // half-size // anon
  • The Free Wheel Problem, issue 2 // perzine // full size // anon
  • One Girl Bicycle Club (no. 3-5) // perzine // quarter-size // anon
  • Wrong Number Zine #1 // perzine // half-size // anon
  • Diet Society // perzine // half-size // J. Anxiety
  • Nuns I’ve Known // perzine // odd-size // Prunella Vulgaris
  • The Wondrous Object // special interest // quarter-size // Cassandra Witteman
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Long lost update on newly added zines

Well hello there.

We’ve been cataloguing, but not sharing our additions with you. How rude, right?

Here are some fresh entries waiting for you to read.


  • Untitled//art//half-size//Jeffrey Cheung
  • All Hopped Up!//art//half-legal//Liisa Morton
  • areolas and eyelashes//perzine//half-size//geoff
  • Black Women & Self Care: thoughts on mental health, oppression & healing//politics//half-size//Naomi Moyer
  • Breaking//perzine//odd-size//Andrea Manica & Chanelle Foisy
  • The Chakras: an introduction to the energy centres of the body//special interest//odd-size//Sonrisa
  • Cruising no.1: The Park Issue//gender/queer//half-size//Michael V.
  • fractured///enigmas // perzine//half-size//geoff
  • from such memories//perzine//quarter-size//Sasha Tate-Howarth
  • Girls Rock Camp 2013//fanzine//half-size//various
  • The Happy Transsexual Hooker: a SEXY resource guide for Transsexual and Transgendered Sex Workers//gender-queer//half-size//Alex Bougeau & Tina Strang
  • New Planet//litzine//half-size//Ivy Atoms
  • Nonspace//gender/queer//half-size//Marcea Decker & Nadia Elokdah
  • Pink Ink: Infinite Mythologies//litzine//half-size//various
  • Pink Ink: These Words are Burning//gender/queer/ half-legal/various
  • Pope Hats no.1//comics//odd-size//Ethan Rilly
  • Tout  va bien: numero neuf//fanzine//quarter-size//PJL
  • Wash my dreams with ink//perzine//half-size//Mary Huang
  • What I learned from living with the people I love /Learn to live with the people you love//perzine//quarter-size//Nicole E Schlosser (issue in french also available)
  • What the Fuck is Molluscum Contagiosum?: an exploration of a viral infection//special interest//quater-size//byron

. . .  and so many more


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Toronto Queer Zine Fair Presents: Midsummer Pop-up Zine Market Fundraiser

Hey zine lovers,

Check out this event from the lovely Toronto Queer Zine Fair folks:

Toronto Queer Zine Fair presents:

Midsummer Pop-Up Zine Market Fundraiser

Sunday August 2, 2015
Pop-up Market: 11 AM to 6 PM
Bands: 6 PM to 9 PM
D-Beatstro, 1292 Bloor Street West, Toronto

The Toronto Queer Zine Fair is a grassroots collective that aims to make space for queer and trans artists, writers and zinesters. The pop-up market is a chance to check out and grab some goods from some previous tablers at the annual Toronto Queer Zine Fair. This event will be raising funds for the upcoming Toronto Queer Zine Fair on October 17, 2015.

Suggested donation $5 / pay what you can / no one turned away.


The venue is a barrier-free wheelchair access space. It has a ramp entrance with two all gender bathrooms equipped with grab bars.

ASL has not been booked.

The safety and well-being of survivors will be prioritized. Known abusers who have not gone through accountability processes will not be able to attend or table and we reserve the right to ask abusers to leave the space.

All ages.

Please come scent free.

No alcohol will be served. There will be coffee, tea and vegan eats for sale from D-Beatstro.

Social media:

Facebook: Toronto Queer Zine Fair
Instagram: torontoqueerzinefair

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Update: the old & new goings-on

If you are reading this — aw, hey, so sweet. you still RSS, or something?

so we have replaced our computer (because our old one broke down) & now we are able to catalogue again. catalogging updates will show up here, once again, as we return to normal. next week.

this wednesday we our closed for Canada Day.
drawing club will be back next week. want to contribute something to the upcoming drawing club zine? come to drawing club, wednesdays 7-9.

save the date: 07-26-2015, 6pm
potluck & things
details announced very soon


by the way, your hair looks nice like that,

tzl collective

facebook thing

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That darn cold is messing up everything.

Hey zine lovers,

We hate to be closed two times in a row, but due to a lovely burst pipe at the Tranzac, the building is closed and thus is staffed hours today. We’re currently unsure about what the status will be tomorrow, so hold tight as we find out more info.

If you want to make a donation to the Tranzac to help with the clean-up, that would be much appreciated. Cash and credit are accepted in person at the club, or find the “Donate” button on the website (
Keep warm.

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