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OCADU Zine Library

Arts-based / OCADU is a university / in “special collections”

Seneca Zine Library (Seneca@York Library)

70 The Pond Road

Zines do not circulate but patrons are free to browse at their leisure and to use the Zines in the Library. 

Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge Street

Has a zine collection; non-borrowing

XPACE Zine Library

303 Lansdowne Avenue

Canadian Comics Open Library

986 Bathurst Street

Located a short walk from TZL; large collection of comics including comic zines; use the same catalogue platform as us! Lovely people.

The Beguiling

319 College Street 

Likely General

389 Roncesvalles Avenue

Secret Planet Print Shop

918 Danforth Avenue

Toutoune Gallery/Shop/Studio

998 Bathurst Street

Art Metropole

896 College Street

Libraries & Shops Elsewhere in Ontario

Kingston, ON

Blue Heron Books – Kingston, Ontario

Some Online Resources

Arnold, Chloe (2016). A Brief History of Zines. Mental Floss.
Exactly as the title says – a brief history of zines with lots of neat facts about the impact of zines on popular culture!

Barnard College Zine Library

Broken Pencil Magazine  
The (Canadian!) magazine for all things zine and DIY culture!

Queer Zine Archive Project 
Searchable archive of queer zines dating back to 1974!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution
“A DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture”

An online community for zine makers and readers.


like Wikipedia, but for zines!

The Book of Zines: Readings from the Fringe
Great resource on zines with plenty of references, articles, interviews, zine info and history, and links about zines and e-zines

A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press
Published by Zine World, with information compiled from Matt Holdaway’s A Student Guide to Zines and Alex Wrekk’s Stolen Sharpie Revolution.

Mini-Zine How-To Tutorial

Some Books

Duncombe, Stephen. Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture. Bloomington, ID, Microcosm Publishing, 2008

Piepmeier, Alison. Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism. New York: New York University Press, 2009.

Watson, Esther and Mark Todd. Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine? Clarion Books, 2006.

Wrekk, Alex. Stolen Sharpie Revolution. Silver Sprocket, 2020.