Support Us

The Toronto Zine Library has always been a volunteer-run organisation and has been supported through the generosity of community.


Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with the Toronto Zine Library (TZL)!

We are an all volunteer organisation and it’s people like you that run this library and keep it open. Volunteering with TZL can take on many forms.

At this point, we are not actively in need of more volunteers. Thank you for your interest!


The best way to support the Toronto Zine Library is to support the TRANZAC. We have been generously housed by the TRANZAC for all of our history, and they have always supported our work.

We also do accept petty cash donations in the space (and when we table) – and we use this to pay for small supplies (stationary, snacks, workshop materials).


Sometimes we have some needs for the space, that community support can help with. Currently we’re in need of the following:

  • Magazine holders
  • Rulers
  • General stationery (paper, pencils, staples, etc)