Zines looking for contributions


This zine seeks writing and artwork from queers who are currently in different-sex relationships, or have previously been in different-sex relationships while being out as queer. It also welcomes submissions from partners of queers on the points described below.

Submissions may reflect on any of the entry points below, or propose other viewpoints on the topic.

– feeling queer enough
– defining one’s own queerness
– maintaining “outness”
– queer visibility/invisibility
– queerness as encompassing more than sex or gender identity
– challenges specific to queer different-sex relationships
– being in a relationship where one person is queer-identified and the other isn’t
– Is one partner’s identity affected by the other’s identity?
– Does your behavior in public differ in a different-sex relationship (for example, hand-holding and other displays of affection)?
– how your private sexual practice is actually queer as can be
– how “opposite-sex” fails to describe your relationship, as if there was an opposite to your identity anyway! But to most of the world you probably look like a boy and a girl.


This zine seeks writing and artwork from queer and trans people who use a name other than their given birth names. Submissions may reflect on any of the entry points below, or propose other viewpoints on the topic.

– How does your name change relate to your queerness and/or gender identity?
– acceptance/challenges with friends and family
– What does your chosen name mean to you? Why is it important?
– Why did you choose the name you did?
– life changes/gender changes/name changes: When did you change your name and how did it mark/articulate/make sense of a time of change in your life?
– Do different groups of people call you by different names? Does this relate to the level of acceptance of your identity?
– Is the legal status of your name important to you? Have you legally changed your name?
– challenges faced with legal name change procedures / tips for others seeking to legally change their names
– legal names and their relation to the production of gender, citizenship, and nationalism


Submissions of any length will be considered, however please keep in mind that longer pieces could limit the space available for others. A long submission may be better self-published as a zine of its own!

If you would like to submit both artwork and writing, please send these as separate submissions. There is no guarantee that your art will be included with your writing and vice versa.

Please include a 1-2 sentence bio and any contact info (such as a website or email address) that you would like published in the zine. Anonymous submissions will be accepted also. If there is any information in your submission that you do not want published please make this very clear.

Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the zine(s), but do not let this deter you from sending something in!

Deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2011.

Send writing as .doc or .rtf files (NO .docx files!!) and artwork as high-res .jpg or .tiff files (minimum resolution 300dpi.)

Submissions should be emailed to callforzines@gmail.com.