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HEART BEAT 960 QUEEN STREET WEST ///////////////

Heart Beat 960 is a new storefront/ gallery/ studio/ event space, 960 Queen St at Shaw. Our focus is on locally-produced, artist-run culture. We aim to be community-oriented, accessible and inclusive, multi-disciplinary and generally radical.

We’re looking for local artists and craftspeople to display, sell and make their wares in the space: Art, crafts, clothing, accessories, cds and records, publications, anything hand-made and local.

We also have studio space for rent and a back garden for events and performances. We will be showing the space at the end of May and opening the week of June 01st. Our opening party is on Friday June 05th!!!!!


Our primary focus is on dividing and renting space to artists and designers, but we will consider consignment and other models. We aim to be affordable based on people’s abilities and needs. Retail space can be rented by fixture, rack width or wall area.

We’re open to one- or two-week art shows, art in the retail space and other arrangements. We can help you organize and promote a good opening, and staff the gallery most days of the week.

STUDIO SPACE /////////

The studio area downstairs will comfortably house about five artists: crafting, sewing, silkscreening, music making, other uses. It is a low but large and clean basement space.


We are lining up a full schedule of events, from weekday workshops, readings, speakers and acoustic sets, to djs and bands and larger art parties on the weekend. We have a back yard with a small stage and are hoping to host noisier music downstairs. We can provide licensed events and help with organization and promotion.

Consideration will go multi-use or longer term arrangements, and to those not able to afford much but doing cool stuff.

Please reply to heartbeat960 at gmail with an idea of what you imagine and what you can afford and we’ll talk!!!!!

Demian, Jodi, Laura, Francesca