Documentary about zines in Brazil

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Last Century Zinesters – Chapter 1 from Márcio Sno on Vimeo.


Search, type, cut, paste, layout, copy, assemble, fold, distribute. This may seem very simple when you have around a computer with internet connection and a printer.

However, until the mid-1990s to accomplish this task was necessary to have some contacts, typewriter, pencil, crayon, scissors, glue, money, stapler, time and a lot of willpower. The networks were formed via letter and the process was very slow, but not so little energy.

Such was the life of the Last Century Zinesters that did everything – to circumvent the laws – to move a piece of information. Simply because they are tired of all that was standardized, there were just watching and swallowing everything in sight: they were there and did.

The Project

“Last Century Zinesters” emerged in 2010 with the aim of bridging the gap of not having any Brazilian audiovisual documentary talking exclusively about fanzines produced by these lands.

One feature of the project is to have the same aims and objectives of fanzines, or totally “do it yourself”, without necessarily avail themselves of a “world standard” quality, nonprofit, and especially with a lot of collaboration.

In the period from April to November 2010 were recorded 21 interviews for me and another redorded by Patricia Amitrano.

The first part of the documentary was focused on the contacts via letter (which was a solid social network analog) in fanzines flyers that advertised all over the world, craft assembly, and the shenanigans to get the zines to circulate.

And to tell this story get any better who lived intensely the art of making zines: the zinesters!

The stories are so similar, it was possible to follow a sequence like a single speech. What actually is it.

Although it was not the intention, it was inevitable nostalgic leave a taste in the statements, after all, the 1980s and 1990s were the most exciting in the production of fanzines: never have so many titles were released. There were times that here in this documentary, is told with great emotion by some of his characters.

“Last Century Zinesters – Chapter 1: The difficulty to put the block on the street and social network analogue”, a documentary conceived, coordinated and directed by MÁRCIO SNO
Recording Assistant CALVIN KONNO
Sao Paulo, Brazil – 2011 – Digital – Color – Widescreem Duration 34’49
Original title: “Fanzineiros do Século Passado – Capítulo 1: As dificuldades para botar o bloco na rua e a rede social analógica”