Luke You at The Toronto Zine Library

Please join us for a talk with special guest Luke You of Melbourne, Australia, brought to you by the Toronto Zine Library Collective.

Luke You makes a free weekly paper zine called ‘You’. He has published a copy every week since November 2001. The zine usually
takes the form of an anonymous hand written letter sealed with staples in a paper bag. The zine is produced in the city Luke You lives in – Melbourne,Australia. Luke has been publishing zines anonymously in Melbourne since 1994. Luke is also one of the coordinators and one of the founding members of the Melbourne zine store Sticky. Sticky is dedicated to promoting and distributing zines and artist-books and has been getting the zines
to the kids since April 2001. His talk will cover his involvement in the Australian zine scene, his own zine ‘You” as well as his involvment in the Melbourne zine store Sticky. This is the final gig in his zine world tour which took in Melbourne, Chicago, Bloomington and Toronto.

Sunday, July 6th, 2008.


Toronto Zine Library at the TRANZAC
292 Brunswick Avenue
2nd Floor Rehersal Hall
Toronto, Canada

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  1. Hello Toronto Zine Library,

    Luke You here. I’m all ready for the talk this Sunday. See you there.

    Luke You.

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