New additions for May 13, 2007.

Mostly from the London Indie Press Fair yesterday….

30-Hour Sloth- Sarah Wayward
4Strugglemag #3- Jaan Karl Laaman, editor
A Brief History of Zines- Anonymous
Advertising as an Infection- Gemma Hawkins
Battle Droid- Peter Thompson
Beautiful Bras and Bodyhair- various
Bees Fly Up and Down Volume 1, Issue 4- Guiney/Ali
Blacklisted! 411 Volume 3, Issue 3- Zachary Blackstone and Alexander Tolstoy
Captain Nola- Jacqui
Crazy from the Heat #2- Anonymous
Dirt Bag #8- Dave Kierch
Dollfazed #4- Kiera and Stephanie
Don’t Give Up- Anonymous
Famous Like Walt Disney- Peter Thompson
Fawda: On the Situation in Palestine- Friends of Al-Halladj
Fear Itself #6- Matthew Brown
Fear Itself Omnibus- Matthew Brown
Fish Piss #5- various
Garcon- Ray Robertson
Girl Cult Volume 2, Issue 2- Margaret Kelley
The Glovebox Chronicles #4- Davida Gypsy Breier
Gold Sounds #2- Peter Thompson
Goose- Ray Robertson
Grip #2- UWO PIRG
Grip #3- UWO PIRG
Grrrden #1- grrrdner
I’m The Devil- Peter Thompson
Infiltration #11- Ninjalicious
Island #2- Samara Klein
Island #3- Samara Klein
Lameguy #1- Brian
Library Bonnet #5- Julie and Tommy
Like Old Times- Peter Thompson
Little Star Crowd Control- Cliff Snyder and Claire Heslop
Lost In Tyme #2- various
Lost Star Found- Mary Loststarfound
MagMyr- Louwan Jehu
Manafixation #2- Sarah Jaffe
Manifest and Destiny- Anonymous
The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art Lineage Tour 2006- McCleave Gallery of Fine Art
The Mighty Destructo-Man- Peter Thompson
Mission Mini Comix- Anonymous
Mohawk Pussy #4- Jessika and Sheila
Nothing To Declare- Jasmine Marsh
Outlet Volume 2, Issue 1- LGBTOUT
Peanut Butter Jelly #2- Saelee and Souther “Snake”
Ponyclub #1- David Youngblood
QECE #10- Larry Nocella
Riot Grrrl Montreal- various
Salt and Slush #2- Sarah Evans
The Science Man- Peter Thompson
Slow Train #1- Ashley Houghton, editor
Soccer Hooligan #3- Peter Thompson
Sourcebook of American Chatter- SAC
Tapegun #2- Mark Borthwick
That Ol Drunken Puffer- Marc Bell and Peter Thompson
Three Poems- Laura Murray
The Toe Toddler #2- Peter Thompson, editor
Toronto Comic Jam: February 1997- various
Water Damage- Beau Labute and Peter Thompson
Winks & Whispers- Saelee Oh
What’s Life?- Krista Precosky