Static Zine’s BIG DAY OF FUN – September 8!

Static Zine Fun Day


Have you found yourself thinking, “man, I really wish I could play scavenger hunt around the city AND go to a Y2K dance party in one day?”

Either way…. you’re in luck! That’s exactly what we’re going to do for Static’s Big Day of Fun!

On Saturday, September 8, join us for these ridiculous(ly fun) activities and feel like you’re a kid again.

Starting at 2pm will be the scavenger hunt. Form teams of 2, and registration costs $5 per team. Meet us at the meeting place that will be announced on our Facebook event, and we’ll give you the list of what you’re to go take photos of around the city. Whoever comes back by deadline with the most and properly photographed wins. There will be big first and second prizes, and goodie bags!

Then at night, come on over to the Magpie for DJ DDORIS DDAY AALL NNIGHT, who will be playing 90s up til midnight when Y2K2 hits and then will speed up to more modern indie dance hits. Dress up how you did around Y2K and we’ll get jiggy with it!

All proceeds will go to the printing of Issue 5.



Also, don’t forget to send in your pitches for Issue 5!