Introducing Rose Riot

Rose Riot is a new fashion and activism zine from Portland created 11-year-old Jovie. Their first issue was themed on Pride and includes artwork contributions, an interview with 17-year-old crafter Marsha-Rose, featured shops and crystal suggestions!

We’re pleased to share it as a digital zine on our website, and when the library reopens (more soon, we promise) we’ll print a copy for our physical collection as well.

Rose Riot was created to challenge the frustration we have felt towards magazines who pay a lack of attention towards younger readers and promote harmful (and unobtainable) beauty standards ideals.

Call for Submissions for Rose Riot Vol. 2

Rose Riot is accepting submissions from kids ages 10-14 for Rose Riot vol. 2: Everyday Heroes.

With everything happening in the world right now, Rose Riot thinks it’s important to honor our personal heroes. Maybe that’s your mom, or sibling, or your pet or best friend! Tell us about who your superhero is and how they are making the world a better place.

Rose Riot highlights the voices, stories, and art, of people from all backgrounds and all identities.

Submission categories: Artwork, short stories, essays, photography, interviews, or anything we can show on a page! Send your ideas!

Deadline: July 15th

Inquiries and submissions: