PaperJam 2024

When: Sunday, April 7th 2024, 12-5pm Where: TRANZAC Club, Main Hall & Living Room (292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto) Important Dates: Accepted applicants will be emailed by March 8th.

Some November Newsies

An ongoing project at the Toronto Zine Library is to go through our physical collection and update records in the digital catalogue with new metadata and images. At the same time, we’re still working through our bins upon bins of uncatalogued zines! So periodically, I’ll be highlighting some new to the library and/or new to… Continue reading Some November Newsies

Happy HallowZine

Happy Halloween/Samhain Zinesters! Whether you’re dressing up, trick or treating, or binge-watching horror films, TZL hopes you have a great night. To mark the day, here are some featured zines from our collection to set the Halloween mood. Monster Mash #1 // J. Reginald Aelick // Art First we have Monster Mash #1 an Art… Continue reading Happy HallowZine

A long overdue update

This is a much overdue update that we’ve been meaning to share.  We’ve been closed to the public since March 2020, primarily because of COVID, but also because the TRANZAC has been undertaking some renovations that included our library space. While we’ve been closed, we have been continuing to slowly work through updating our catalogue… Continue reading A long overdue update

Introducing Rose Riot

Rose Riot is a new fashion and activism zine from Portland created 11-year-old Jovie. Their first issue was themed on Pride and includes artwork contributions, an interview with 17-year-old crafter Marsha-Rose, featured shops and crystal suggestions! We’re pleased to share it as a digital zine on our website, and when the library reopens (more soon,… Continue reading Introducing Rose Riot

Advice for Your Younger Self Zine

Have you ever had thoughts like? You as a college student, “Oh wow I acted like that when I was a kid! I was so emo when I was in high school.” or You as a young adult or in your 30s, “I can’t believe I used to do that in college!” , or “Damn… Continue reading Advice for Your Younger Self Zine

A post about the Toronto Zine Library OPAC and DIY library software

This was written by TZL volunteers Rotem and Brandon for the Toronto Zine Library’s Zine-O-File produced by the TZL Collective, but due to life we weren’t able to publish the winter 2019 issue, so we are sharing this here! First, for those who are unfamiliar, zines are self-published booklets that can be about anything-from garlic… Continue reading A post about the Toronto Zine Library OPAC and DIY library software

Zines in unconventional/unique format

Hi zinesters! I can’t believe it’s winter already, time passes so weirdly during the pandemic. In this new blog post, we are featuring zines in unconventional or unique format. Some time ago, I discovered there’s a mystery snack vending machine in Akihabara, Tokyo. The snacks are concealed with paper, the potential customer can read stories… Continue reading Zines in unconventional/unique format

Free online zines about making zines and webcomics!

Hello out there, As you can imagine, things have slowed down at the TZL since we’ve been closed due to the pandemic and are adjusting to our lives now. We’re still catching up on zine library planning and emails, and in the meantime, we are hoping to post a bit more on here. In this… Continue reading Free online zines about making zines and webcomics!