new and newly catalogued zines

a quick post to celebrate all our newly catalogued zines:


Tor. Deep Web. Half-size. Politics.

War, Erin. Thumb Tacks and Razor Blades. Fanzine. Half-size.

Weber, Aaron. Dead Wrestlers #1. Fanzine. Half-size.

Lewis, Jessica Cohen, Aviva Lamb, Melody & others. Static Zine iss #10 Milestones. Litzine. Half-size.

Ruin, Jolie. The Escapist Artist #18. Perzine. Half-size.

aonohirobumi and imocomi. Vagabook #1. Art. Odd-size.

COBP. Guess What! We’ve Got Rights?! Politics. Odd-size.

Corazon, Elle. Red Alert number 4. Gender/Queer. Odd-size.

Marinac, Devon. Come Close to Me. Art. Half-size.

Pretty Porky and Pissed Off. Double Double. Gender/Queer. Half-size.

Chan, Emily Reyes, Melissa. Sisters of the Sun. Gender/Queer. Odd-size.

Collaborative. Urban Velocity. Art. Half-size.

Center for Cartoon Studies. The Applied Cartooning Manifesto. Comics. Half-size.


Anonymous. Small Parts: prose poems + mini stories. Litzine. Quarter-size.

Christy: Sighera #2. Perzine. Half-size.


Weber, Aaron. STUBS: Volume 1. Fanzine. Half-size.

Anonomys. Sick Leave. Art. Odd-size.

Purkey, Steven & Prudence, Deiredree. It’s Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away. Fanzine. Quarter-size.

Purkey, Steven & Prudence, Deiredree. Firtin’ with Danger. A Lou reed Pocket Reader. Fanzine. 1/8th-size.

Belochka, Risu. Gomi Bako Issue One. Perzine. Quarter-size.

Karissa. Crackers + Honey #9. Art. Odd-size.

Iesha. White Out. Art. Quarter-size.

Continuist, the. User_Name. Art. Odd-size.

Watson, Laura. Beginners’ Guide to Homemade Sanctuaries. Comics. 1/8-size.

Aylard, Adam. Super Baby Jesus. Comics. Odd-size.

Say Uncle Sue. A FREE Say Uncle Press Sampler. Litzine. Half-size.

Kemp, Caroline. She’s Pretty Good For A Girl #2. Gender/Queer. Half-size.

Minsker, Ethan. Psycho.Moto Zine Issue no. 21. Art. Half-size.

Neon, Angel. Scam City Alternative Medicine #67. Humour. Quarter-size.

big boots: issue 3 – language. various: una lee, karen okamoto, souvankham thammavongsa, arlene hunter. politics: anti-racism. odd size.

The Escapist Artist #17 (June 2014) & #19 (August 2014). by Jolie Ruin. Perzine. Booksize.

beating around the bush: a sexual health zine. compiled, edited, published by Pussy Willow. Misc/Special Interest: Health. Booksize.

Razorcake. Various: Todd Taylor. Fanzine: Punk Rock. Magazine-size.