Some November Newsies

An ongoing project at the Toronto Zine Library is to go through our physical collection and update records in the digital catalogue with new metadata and images. At the same time, we’re still working through our bins upon bins of uncatalogued zines! So periodically, I’ll be highlighting some new to the library and/or new to… Continue reading Some November Newsies

Happy HallowZine

Happy Halloween/Samhain Zinesters! Whether you’re dressing up, trick or treating, or binge-watching horror films, TZL hopes you have a great night. To mark the day, here are some featured zines from our collection to set the Halloween mood. Monster Mash #1 // J. Reginald Aelick // Art First we have Monster Mash #1 an Art… Continue reading Happy HallowZine

Rose Riot – Volume 2

In June we were thrilled to share the first issue of the new zine, Rose Riot, a fashion and activism zine from Portland created 11-year-old Jovie. We’re thrilled to share that Rose Riot Volume 2 has been released now as well! “This issue is inspired by our everyday heroes: the people that make your day… Continue reading Rose Riot – Volume 2

Take a long look at our zine library additions!

Hello Zinesters! Here’s a little introduction poem: Come by the Toronto Zine Library & check out some awesome zines while Raging Against the Machines! Brat// various// politics// full-size Don’t Fret book one// Jordan Reg.Aelick// comics// odd-size Proof I Exist #15// Billy McCall// perzine// quarter-size Proof I Exist #20// Billy McCall// perzine// quarter-size Last night at… Continue reading Take a long look at our zine library additions!

Catalogue update!

Happy International Zine Month! We have a modest update on newly cataloged materials. Aloha from Hawaii!//Anne M. Peld//Culture//half-zine Anecdata // Olivia M // perzine // odd-size AQSA Zine #2: Love/Sex/Marriage & Immigration/Migration//Colab//Culture//half-zine Black Atlantic Portals // Whitney French // culture // half-size East Mall Community Zine // various // art // half-size From the Root… Continue reading Catalogue update!

Belated cataloging update: So many new additions. Also, Wednesdays on hiatus

Hello, friends Sorry for not keeping in touch. It’s just something we need to work on. You know you can always visit us during staffed hours to chat. Let us know how you’ve been. We’re still in the midst of cataloging our back-log, but in the mean time take a look at this list of… Continue reading Belated cataloging update: So many new additions. Also, Wednesdays on hiatus

all the zines : the november update

here are the zines we’ve added to our library catalogue during the past month. thank you everyone for your contributions of these most excellent zines to our ever expanding collection. you are seriously the best. yes, you. ******************************************************* Various. AQSAZINE. Issue #2 / Fall ’09. Politics. Booksize. Ross, Jamie. Coldwater. Litzine. Booksize. Unknown. sagittarius horoscope:… Continue reading all the zines : the november update

new and newly catalogued zines

a quick post to celebrate all our newly catalogued zines: Tor. Deep Web. Half-size. Politics. War, Erin. Thumb Tacks and Razor Blades. Fanzine. Half-size. Weber, Aaron. Dead Wrestlers #1. Fanzine. Half-size. Lewis, Jessica Cohen, Aviva Lamb, Melody & others. Static Zine iss #10 Milestones. Litzine. Half-size. Ruin, Jolie. The Escapist Artist #18. Perzine. Half-size. aonohirobumi… Continue reading new and newly catalogued zines