Feast your eyes on the zine additions

Hello zinesters,
Here’s a little introduction poem:
We’re cataloging quite a few zines this week
Sneak a peek at the zines on this page and try not to shriek!

From The Root #3: Mind // Whitney French & Melana Roberts, eds // culture // half-size
Zap // anonymous // art // half-size
Trilobite and the Living // Alison Moule // comics // half-size
Go By Bus// Niku// art// odd-size
Who’s Emma// Alan O’Connor// politics// half-size
Pains #5// anonymous// culture// full-size
Hello my name is// various// miscellaneous// half-size
#Hysterical Femme// Karina Killjoy// gender/queer//half-size
Black Boy Magic// various// culture// half-size
Moonlit Poetry// various// art// half-size
Zine awards suck// various// art// half-size
Takes more than a No.// Sharah Hutson// culture// half-size
Empower yoself before you wreck yoself// Melanie Fey & Amber McCrary, eds// culture// half-size
Razorcake #92// Todd Taylor, ed// fanzine// magazine
Razorcake #96// Todd Taylor, ed// fanzine// magazine
Property zine// Sun Rad & Deb Step, eds// art// full-size
The Ken chronicles// Ken Bausert// perzine// half-size
Shoeless Summer// Kari Tervo// perzine// half-size
Fallopian Falafel// Hadass Ben-Ari, ed// gender/queer// half-size
Documented thoughts & discussions on depression// Alisha Henry// misc. // half-size