New additions for January 6, 2008

A Study In Eleutherophobia Crimethinc.
Aardvark #2 Gayla and Michelle
Above and Beyond, the Zine- April/May Brescia Reid
Above and Beyond, the Zine- June Brescia Reid
Above and Beyond, the Zine- July/August Brescia Reid
An Animal Liberation Primer, 2nd Edition @nu
And So This is How it All Ends Ian Sullivan Cant
Andrea’s Real Life Animal Adventures Andrea Cormier
Angry Girrls various
The Assassin and the Whiner #8 Carrie McNinch
Baby Zine #2 various
Big Boots #2 various
Big Boots #4 various
Big Bully #2 Rich Walters
Broken Pencil #28
Broken Pencil #31
The C, January 2005 various
Cash Cow #2 Heather McLean
Chainbreaker #4 various
Confessions of a Harry Potter Fanatic Parseltongue and Cumos
Cookbook Andrea Cormier
CXC #7/8 Stef Martin and Matt Miller
CXC #9 Stef Martin and Matt Miller
Deranged Flamingo #2 Fred Spider
Dilemma #3 Emma Lawson
Drown Soda #4 Sarah Jane
Ethical Violence #1 Anne-Marie
Fight the Man and Get Away Safely Anonymous
Fish Piss #1 Louis, editor
Found Sound Anonymous
Fun and Games Loopy
If Death Comes… #3 Todi
Immaculate Misconceptions Chrisa Hoicka
In Your Room #11 Serene
Independent Pussy #2 Janenna
Industrial Society and It’s Future: The Unabomber Manifesto Ted Kaczynski
Infiltration #5 Ninjalicious
Infiltration #10 Ninjalicious
The Insatiable Cunt #2 Brescia Reid
The Insurgent’s Guide to Imperialism and Revolt G.R.A.I.N.
Ketamine Sunrise Chantal Lefebvre
Ladyfest Toronto 2002 various
Letters From the War Years various
Mad Cow #10 various
Man With Broken Leg #8 Anthony Gerace
Mine? Anonymous
Mission of Techne Maggie MacDonald
Mixed Reviews Aaron Cometbus
Mohawk Pussy #5 Jessika and Sheila
Molly Ringworm #1 various
Monstress #3 Una Crow
Monstress #4 Una Crow
My First Little Book of GM Crop Decontamination Anonymous
Narcolepsy Press #6 Randy Robbins
Nozone 6- Crime various
One Way Street AK Thompson
Paint Me a Revolution Helen
Pegboy butch of wpg.
Queen of the Universe #7 Jeannette
Rats In the Hallway #5 Stefan Wild, editor
Razorblades in Halloween Candy Sancho Panza
Rhetorike Stella T. Cade
Saucy Sarah K.
Smiling Politely #4 Jennn and Jessie
Straight Up Pussy Jessika
Straight Up Pussy #10 Jessika
Syn:desultory Liisa K. Graham and Garett Walker
Ten Reasons to Riot various
Ten Years Late #1 Lindsay
This is a Lie Greg Sullivan
Thought Bombs #14 Anthony Rayson
Threat Warning Sarah
Trade Magazine Volume 4, Issue 4 John Pressick, editor
Trailer Trash #10 Michelle Shute, editor
Trailer Trash #19 Michelle Shute, editor
UK Zine Yearbook 2007 Toby, editor
(untitled) Anonymous
(untitled) Anonymous
(untitled) Anonymous
The Vegetable Inside us All #7 Anne
Velorutuion Volume 1 Mary Blue
Vermiculture for Beginners Andrea Cormier
Viral or Bacterial? #1 Spencer Ackerman
The Well of the World Cinnibar
Why Another Troubled Soul Story? Catherine Paquette and Ian Sullivan Cant
Wiccan Candles Volume 5, Issue 8 Iris O. Bard
Wiccan Candles Volume 6, Issue 1 Iris O. Bard
Wiccan Candles Volume 6, Issue 3 Iris O. Bard
You Still Have the Chaos in You Mary
Young and Anarchist Cameron and Star

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