call for submissions

Submit to Sum Zine No. 1, Please

Sum Zine No. 1 is to be an art-lit-zine published by Something Collective, a small Toronto-based writing group.

Members are playwrights/actors/writers/editors/crafters. There are three of us. We are creative collaborators who have each done something to claim these titles and who aspire to do more, independently and together and with others.

Sum Zine will be the composite of our efforts and yours – an equation in which ‘x’ stands in for what is not yet known (this call is for submissions to our first issue!) and what is to be multiplied.

If you create something we can duplicate — comix, poetry, publishable spoken word, illustration, literary fiction, chick lit noir, photography, experimental theatre, whatever – please submit.

This is a zine with no theme and no limits, with the exception of this: please submit no more than 5 pages.

Please include a brief bio, your coordinates and the name under which you wish to be published.

Editorial decisions will be collective.

Every single copy of our zine will be idiosyncratic–hand-stitched books crafted with glue, collages of text and images, odds and sods, yarn, string, or buttons –so we may need to edit submissions. Edits will be judicious and collaborative, made with submitting artists. As we will be producing a ‘first run’ of only a few zines, contributing artists will be sent a scan of the handcrafted book.

Please send submissions to by March 1, 2007.