New Additions for July 5, 2009

A Bird Story odd-size/Charice Mericle
Shut Up World quarter-size/Amy Lockhart and Marc Bell

Adventure Paradise odd-size/Alisa
The Devil Lives in Hollywood odd-size/Amy Lockhart
Family is Really Important half-legal/Amy Lockhart
The Theory of Time and Distance half-size/Karen
This is Your Toy and I Want It odd-size/Missy Kulik

Bitch Factor half-size/anonymous
Fuzzy Heads are Better #2 quarter-size/Patti Kim
I’m OK, You’re OK half-size/Nirm and Paul
Lowlife Ink half-size/Matt
Montomery #9 half-size/Rachael
Montomery #10 half-size/Rachael
Submission #3 half-legal/Janet Lundy, editor
Submission #5 half-legal/Janet Lundy, editor
Trash Heap #3 odd-size/Andrew
Trash Heap #4 odd-size/Andrew

Chicago Midwest Girl Fest various
Hands Off half-size/anonymous
Hands Off odd-size/anonymous
Hemlock half-size/Jenny
Monsters are Real #2 half-size/Michelle
Riotgrrl Slambook Vol.1, No. 1 half-size/various
Still Superstars quarter-size/various
We are Superstars odd-size/various
Wrecking Ball half-size/Erika

Healing Stone half-size/Shayna S.
Saturnine’s Smile half-size/anonymous
[untitled] half-size/Cat and Marco

The Adventures of Turbo and Ozone half-size/Gillian, Laura and Anna
Design 816 #8 quarter-size/Michelle
Design 816 #9 quarter-size/Michelle
The Floating Bear Zine #4 quarter-size/David Engwicht
Girlie Prig #10 half-size/Karen
Girlie Prig #11 half-size/Karen
Growing Pains #1 half-size/Sarah Kennedy
The Make Out Club half-size/anonymous
Pacifier quarter-size/Heather Lynn
Pipo the Boy quarter-size/Pipo
Rock Candy #5 half-size/Marie
Ticker Tape and the Staple Museum #1 half-size/Miel and Megan

Germzine #4 half-size/Jerumee
Germzine #5 half-size/Jerumee

Special Interest:
The Freeps full-size/various
Permabedhead quarter-size/Rachael
Schmega Gumbo half-size/Stephanie Landry