New Additions for June 14, 2009

The Adventures of Skumpy & Smiles, Vol.1 #1 half-size/comics/Simon Gane
Alternazone #5 half-size/fanzine/Patti
Animal Liberation & Social Revolution half-size/politics/Brian A. Dominick
Arnie Comics #2 odd-size/comics/Simon Gane
Art Police half-size/art (vintage)/various
Article 19 #5 half-size/comics/Robin Bougie & Rebecca Dart
Article 19 #6 half-size/comics/Robin Bougie & Rebecca Dart
Article 19 #7 half-size/comics/Robin Bougie & Rebecca Dart
Black Cat 115 #5 half-size/litzine/Matthew Firth
Chyme half-size/perzine/Mel
Dairy Reich half-size/fanzine/various
Dressed for Success #12 half-size/comics/Jeff Wasson & Chris Howard
Dressed for Success #13 half-size/comics/Jeff Wasson & Chris Howard
The Dead half-size/litzine/Jones
Existere, V.18 #2 half-size/litzine/various
Fabulous Babes & Hot Rods #1 odd-size/comics/various
Fist City #5 half-size/perzine/Rob
For Daniel F. Bradley half-size/litzine/Tara Azzopardi
Fuzz Vol.1 #2 half-size/perzine/Duncan
Gag Funnies #0 half-size/comics/Michael Darmanian
A Glimpse of Hope #2 half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Ground Level #1 odd-size/comics/Peter Pavement (ed).
Little Brother half-size/perzine/Ryan Stec
No. 5 half-size/comics/Marc Arsenault
Our Noise half-size/litzine/Jeff Gomez
Our Noise #2 half-size/litzine/Jeff Gomez
A Picture Book half-size/art/Karen Azoulay
Plotz #6 half-size/culture/Barbara
Pulled Mints #1 half-size/perzine/various
Quagmire #1 half-size/litzine/Andre Nemeth
Quagmire #2 half-size/litzine/Andre Nemeth
The Remnants #13 half-size/comics/anonymous
Retarded Art #1 half-size/comics/Greg McCann
The Sex Police in a Moral Panic half-size/gender/queer/various
Smoke #34 half-size/litzine/Dave Ward (ed.)
Square Suckers #6 half-size/perzine/Kim
This Inheritance Must be Refused odd-size/gender/queer/various
Tigerduck, Nov. 1995 half-size/litzine/various
Totalpop Zine #4 half-size/fanzine/Ian McMurray
True Contraceptives half-size/gender/queer/anonymous
Two Selections from Woodstock Reichstag half-size/comics/Lee Enfield & Mark Connery
Untitled odd-size/art (vintage)/Scott Bowring
Untying the Knot odd-size/gender/queer/Jo Freeman & Cathy Levine
Uranium Kisses will Knock Your Socks Off half-size/litzine/J. Millar
William Wants a Doll #4 half-size/perzine/Arielle
Women’s Her-story half-size/gender/queer/Kim Fern
Wow Cool, Spring 1997 half-size/special interest/James & Marc
Wow Cool, Winter 1998 half-size/special interest/James & Marc