Happy HallowZine

Happy Halloween/Samhain Zinesters! Whether you’re dressing up, trick or treating, or binge-watching horror films, TZL hopes you have a great night. To mark the day, here are some featured zines from our collection to set the Halloween mood.

Monster Mash #1 // J. Reginald Aelick // Art

First we have Monster Mash #1 an Art zine by Jordan R. Aelick filled with illustrations of various monstrous beings. Jordan’s unique style comes through with furry fiends, creepy creatures and strange shadows. To see more of Jordan’s work, follow him on Instagram: @endlessfret

My Halloween Costume History // Brian FH Clement // Perzine

I picked this zine up at TCAF 2022 along with some of Brian’s other titles. This one-page folded zine chronicles some of Brian’s Halloween costumes, from childhood onward. So if you’re looking for costume ideas still, check this out! Find Brian on Twitter: @brianfhclement

Ghost Cats #2 // Brian FH Clement & Arinn Westendorf // Comics

Another recent acquisition to the library, also picked up at TCAF, is this Ghost Cats #2 comic zine. The story is by Brian FH Clement and the art is by Arin Westendorf. Follow the Ghost Cats on Instagram @ghostcatscomic

Modern Bestiary of Absurd Monsters // Brian FH Clement // Art

Another zine from Brian FH Clement, with a bunch of absurd monsters. My favourite (or least favourite really) is the tattoo fader. Also, the ghost cats are found in here too!

Nightmares // Arinn Westerndorf // Art

Okay, quite a few of these zines were picked up at TCAF… from one table. (Sorry, I got there late!) This little art zine is by Arinn Westerndorf (also of Ghost Cats) and features illustrations of various nightmares including: falling teeth, a man eating his own intestines, boring talking animals, and twins.

Wiccan Candles Vol.6 Issue 3 // Special Interest

The Zine Library has a few issues of Wiccan Candles in our catalogue, all to be found in our “Special Interest” section. This issue is from the First Harvest of 2002 and features various articles, reviews, and stories. Of particular note for me is the “media witch watch” which looks at various media representations of witches/pagans. It also has a time capsule effect, with various event listings from the early 2000s.

The Dangerous Powers of Witches: Spirituality, Autonomy, Community and Literacy // Clementine Morrigan // Politics

Finally, we have Clementine Morrigan’s zine on the socio-political history of witches as a gendered concept to repress women’s rights. Clementine focuses on the story of 5 women from Essex in 1645 who were put to death together for witchcraft. To see more of Clementine’s work, find them online (in many spaces), but first through their website: https://www.clementinemorrigan.com/

And this is just some of the witchy, ghostly, monstrous zines in our collection. Stop by to see these and more, and enjoy our bowls of Halloween candy tomorrow night during our weekly Tuesday open hours from 6-8pm.

And tonight, you can stop by the TRANZAC’s Living Room for a Halloween Variety Fundraiser feat. short films, drag, music, and more. Proceeds go to the LGBT Youthline. Doors open at 8 pm, show starts at 8:30 pm.