Some November Newsies

An ongoing project at the Toronto Zine Library is to go through our physical collection and update records in the digital catalogue with new metadata and images. At the same time, we’re still working through our bins upon bins of uncatalogued zines!

So periodically, I’ll be highlighting some new to the library and/or new to the catalogue zines.

Depression Cooking / Sonali Menezes / special interest – food

We recently received this zine from Sonali as a donation to our collection. In the preface, Sonali notes that “the beauty of zines is that they blur categories” – something that I completely agree with as I try to catalogue new zines. I’ve put this one into “special interest – food” because we have that subcategory, but it could also fit in with the health category or perzines. Through this zine, Sonali offers various recipes that can be matched to the spoons a person is feeling at the moment.

Double Bill No. 3 / various / fanzine

Double Bill No. 3 was already in our collection, but had been filed under “art” previously. I’ve instead put it into the “fanzine” category – though as noted on ZineWiki, Double Bill has also been referred to as a “hatezine” or “antizine” at times. Double Bill was started in 1991 by Caroline Azar, Jena von Brucker, G.B. Jones, Johnny Noxzema and Rex.

Newcastle Zine Review 2009 / Mike ed. / special interest – zines on zines

These types of compilation zines are such fascinating time capsules and a great way to get into the world of zines. Obviously, being from Newcastle, this zine is UK-centric when talking about various events, fairs, and publications.

Hey, Listen! A Legend of Zelda Fanzine / edited by Manoela Martins and Haidee Samuels / fanzine – videogames

As mentioned, we have bins upon bins of uncatalogued zines to get through. I recently found this zine in one of our bins and as a Zelda fan, had to get it into our catalogue. I have been hoping to add subcategories into the fanzine section, for music, film and videogames, and so this is my first (but not last) entry for a “videogames” fanzine.

Come check out any of these zines at our library!