New additions for March 8, 2009

“Advance Australia!!” 1/2, pol VINTAGE, Anonymous (Australia)
Animals That Rule odd, art, Morgan Criger
Bird Song #5 1/2, lit, Tommy Pico, ed.
chinatown garbage water #1 1/2, lit, Anthony Gerace
Corpus #3 1/2 leg, fan, Deb and Brooke
Cure for the Coprolite 1/2, pol VINTAGE, Anonymous (UK)
Dirty Fingers In Dirty Pies 1/2, pol VINTAGE, Anonymous (UK)
Free Drawings #4 full, art, various
Kiss Off #13 1/4, per, Chris Landry
Long Sea Ancestors 1/4, lit, DR
Neurotic Grocery Clerk #1 1/2, art, Royce Icon
On the Mass Bombing of Iraq and Kuwait, Commonly Known as the “Gulf War” 1/2, pol VINTAGE, Tom Leonard (Scotland)
The Pope #2 1/2, fan VINTAGE, Tim Adams
Raising Hell #14 1/2, fan VINTAGE, Simon (UK)
Reality Now #2 1/2 legal, pol VINTAGE, Anonymous
Resistance #7 1/2, pol VINTAGE, Friends of Durruti Publications
Sivullinen #11 1/2, lit VINTAGE, Junni Waarakangas (Finland)
Slushy #1 1/2, fan, Nick, Max and Sophie
Still Kicking 1/2, fan VINTAGE, Ian (UK)
Think For Yourself #6 1/2, fan VINTAGE, Paul (Scotland)
(untitled) odd, art, Anonymous
(untitled) odd, art, Anonymous
Wanna Communicate? #5 1/2 leg, fan, Anonymous
Y2K Compatible Volume 1, Issue 3 1/4, art, Anonymous


  1. Now that sounds like a zine I'd like to read! Do you fancy getting distroed in the UK?

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