New additions for November 4, 2007

Donations from Canzine:

3.05 Metres: A Ten Foot Rule Primer Shawn Granton
A Guide to Hipsters!!! Heidi Cho
As Eavesdropped… Volume 1 Suzanne Baumann
As Eavesdropped… Volume 2 Suzanne Baumann
The Belles of Ball Point Suzanne Baumann
Broken Pencil #37
Brown Cords #1 Patrick Kyle
Brown Cords #4 Patrick Kyle
Brown Cords #5 Patrick Kyle
Bunny Ears Gary Wolfe
Bunny vs. The Hot Water Heater Gary Wolfe
Burn-Out Y. Julie
Cleopatra’s Hat Suzanne Baumann
DIY Comix, 3rd Edition Shawn Granton
Everyday Comics Andrew Foster
I Choose My Choice C-Cup Productions
(It’s like we’re inside a birdhouse) Emily Tu
Isola Del Ugly Volume #1 Gary Wolfe
Jakob Flies the Plane Ryan Solski
The Johann Liberation Army Adam Thomlison
The Last Thumbnail Picture Show Adam Thomlison
Lickety Split #5 various
Lonely Friends various
On Edge #3 Tracey Mitchell
On Edge #4 Tracey Mitchell
Plastics Tracey Mitchell
Sean Ward Electric Comics Freak-Out! #6 Sean Ward
Serious Workout Suzanne Baumann
Sinking Hearts #1 Sophie
Spare! #1 Louise Von A
Ten Foot Rule: Better Looking than a Blog Shawn Granton
Ten Foot Rule: The Doors are Closing on Priority Seating Shawn Granton
Ten Foot Rule: This Ain’t no Anthology, It’s Just a Compilation Shawn Granton
Therefore Repent! Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam
Tips and Tales for Pragmatists #1 Tracey Mitchell
Topyx Presents Assbusters Volume #1 Curtis Lear, editor
Topyx Presents McLeans Guide to Canadian Universities Curtis Lear, editor
Topyx Presents the Pizza Issue Curtis Lear, editor
Treasure Maps Craftleen
Turtleneck Boy, really let’s himself go #5 Suzanne Baumann
University Elizabeth
We Are Not Machines #1 Emma