News additions for April 5, 2009.

Bad Seed #1 half-size/fanzine/Miriam Linna (1984)
Boyoboy Volume II, Issue 4 half-size/gender/D-Man, editor
Fox Comics #14 full-size/comic/David Vodicka, editor (1986)
Greed #3 full-size/fanzine/Kurt Sayenga (1987)
Hear Again #16 half-size/fanzine/Larry Lapka, editor (1986)
Knock Out #1 full-size/comic/Fletch (1974)
The Progressive Thinker Vol. 1 half-size/politics/Anonymous
Ratbeat International #1 tabloid, fanzine, Mietinen (1987, Finland)
Sunglasses in the Dark half-size/fanzine/Lindsay Hutton (1986)
Sure 6? half-size/special interest/Kane Sure
What’s The Poop? tabloid/fanzine/Anonymous (1980s)

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  1. Believe it or not, I was the creator/publisher/jack of all trades for Hear Again. I was wondering how you got a hold of an issue.

    I am truly amazed at the continued popularity of this publication. I have seen it offered on eBay, and all it was was an early fanzine made on a copy machine!

    Enjoy your copy. There probably aren't too many of these issues still around; it's like ancient history to me!

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