We Are Open!

We have made improvements to our mega abode and we are excited to share them with you!
Staffed Hours have resumed, come on up!
sunday 1-3pm
tuesday 6pm-8pm
wednesday 6pm-8pm

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We’re still painting and re-organizing

Unfortunately, we are still very much in progress with renovating the zine library and things are a mess. We are still not ready to open, which is a bummer because this weekend there are two day time shows at the Tranzac that would probably generate some interest in the zine library and bring people into the space – oh well. We’re not ready :(

Painting should be done by this Sunday and we should be fully open for staffed hours on Sunday, Nov. 18th.

We’re very sorry for this delay. The space will look all fresh and exciting when we re-open – so that’s something to look forward to.

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Library closed for painting

The Toronto Zine Library will be closed until November 6, as we slowly re-paint.


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New additions for October 24, 2012… also, wall repair

We are working on improving the ugly wall in the TZL. The next step will be painting. Here’s what it looks like now:

New zine additions:

Better Luck Next Year / half-size / art / various
Fascinating Folks / half-size / culture / Antoine and Siue
Femmes in Space / half-size / gender/queer / various
Filth: putting queers on the frontlines / half-size / gender/queer / anonymous
Issue / half-size / fanzine / various
One Minute From Now / quarter-size / litzine / Kevin Barry
Querencia #3 / half-size / perzine / jb
Run With Scissors #1 / half-size / perzine / Starla
Run With Scissors #2 / half-size / perzine / Starla
Run With Scissors #3 / half-size / perzine / Starla Disaster
Run With Scissors #4 / perzine / perzine / Starla
The Amazing Cynicalman #7 / quarter-size / comics / Matt
untitled / odd-size / art / Zoe R. and Starie the Poet
What Better Time Than Now? / half-size / politics / Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

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Poetry reading/performance event!

Wednesday, Oct. 17th (today – sorry for this terribly short notice), The Toronto Zine Library welcomes Monster House Press’ poets and members RYANJ (Columbus, OH) and Richard Wehrenberg Jr. (Bloomington, IN) to the Tranzac Club’s Tiki Room as part of their two-week reading tour.

They’ll also have zines and chapbooks for sale.

Other special guests are local poets:

Spencer Butt

Kate Miller

Admission: Pay what you can


Poster by Leah Hesketh and Rachel Chepesiuk

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New additions for October 3, 2012


“When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies” / odd-size / litzine / anonymous
Anarchist of Love: the secret life of John Henry Mackay / half-size / politics / Hubert Kennedy
Deluxe Sexy #3 / quarter-size / comics / Matt Collins
End of the Line #1 / full-size / comics / Rob Mirsky
End of the Line #2 / full-size / comics / Rob Mirsky
Fuck This World / half-size / art / Alicia Nauta
Highly Dubious #3 / half-size / comics / various
Leave Me Alone! And Let Me Do My Thing! / half-size / perzine / Erica
Licking Stars Off Ceilings #3 / quarter-size / perzine / Clementine Cannibal
Misunderstandings Magazine, vol. 4 / half-legal / litzine / Jim F. Johnstone and Ian Williams, eds.
Quid Ni Zine #2 / half-size / litzine / various
Razorcake #70 / magazine / fanzine / Todd Taylor, ed.
Rien A Declarer #13 / half-size / fanzine / Nelson, ed.
Riot! #2+2 / half-size / fanzine / Liz Worth, ed.
static poems / odd-size / litzine / anonymous
Summer School is for Losers / half-size / comics / Kate and Vicki
The Adventures of Menstrual Man? / half-size / special interest / Susan “Stu” Justin
The Nest Adventures / quarter-size / litzine / G & A
Titty Terror #0 / half-size / comics / Deena Jacobs and Robb Mirsky
Travesty: musings on being a transvestite metalhead #1 / quarter-size / gender/queer / anonymous



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New additions for September 18, 2012

if i can’t dance is it still my revolution too (two)? / half-legal / politics / anonymous
if i can’t dance is it still my revolution? #3 / half-legal / politics / anonymous
Little Gardens for Invalids #3 / half-legal / perzine / Bee Lavery
Pocket Knife #1 / half-size / perzine / Jessica Lewis
Puker Nation / half-legal / fanzine / anonymous

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New additions for September 4, 2012


Bar Code Annie #2 / half-size / fanzine / Chris
East Side West Side #01 / half-size / perzine / Teresa
Edward / half-size / fanzine / Al
No External Compulsion #4 / half-size / fanzine / Criterion
The Dead Herring / half-size / fanzine / Derek
The Dead Herring #3 / half-size / fanzine / Derek
Warehouse of Strangers #9 / half-size / politics / Anonymous

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Static Zine’s BIG DAY OF FUN – September 8!

Static Zine Fun Day


Have you found yourself thinking, “man, I really wish I could play scavenger hunt around the city AND go to a Y2K dance party in one day?”

Either way…. you’re in luck! That’s exactly what we’re going to do for Static’s Big Day of Fun!

On Saturday, September 8, join us for these ridiculous(ly fun) activities and feel like you’re a kid again.

Starting at 2pm will be the scavenger hunt. Form teams of 2, and registration costs $5 per team. Meet us at the meeting place that will be announced on our Facebook event, and we’ll give you the list of what you’re to go take photos of around the city. Whoever comes back by deadline with the most and properly photographed wins. There will be big first and second prizes, and goodie bags!

Then at night, come on over to the Magpie for DJ DDORIS DDAY AALL NNIGHT, who will be playing 90s up til midnight when Y2K2 hits and then will speed up to more modern indie dance hits. Dress up how you did around Y2K and we’ll get jiggy with it!

All proceeds will go to the printing of Issue 5.



Also, don’t forget to send in your pitches for Issue 5!

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Closed today

Sorry for the short notice, but the zine library will be closed today. Have a good long weekend!

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