new additions for March 18, 2007

More things catalogued from the donation we received last week. After the End– Greg Evason, editorAngry Thoreauan #10– Rev. Randall Tin-earAnimal Tranquilizers Volume 1, Issue1– Elena Palozzi, editorApocalypso #1– variousApocalypso #2– variousAsleep At the Wheel– P. McCallum and J. WalkerBanana Rag #21-27– AnnaThe Cryptical Oyster #3– MichaelDon’t Make Trouble – Tuli KupferbergDysfunctional Family #1– Pamela… Continue reading new additions for March 18, 2007

call for submissions

Submit to Sum Zine No. 1, Please Sum Zine No. 1 is to be an art-lit-zine published by Something Collective, a small Toronto-based writing group. Members are playwrights/actors/writers/editors/crafters. There are three of us. We are creative collaborators who have each done something to claim these titles and who aspire to do more, independently and together… Continue reading call for submissions

New additions for February 4, 2007

America? #14 Travis FristoeBig Hands #2 AaronBrainscan #20 Alex WrekkCrudenoise #4 Meredith SternFree Society #17 StuGriotzine #3 Brian D.Griotzine #4 Brian D.Konstrusjon #4.5 Asne Hagen (Norwegian!)The Perfect Mix Tape Segue #3 Joe BielWisconsin Heather F. thanks to everybody for coming to our workshop!

New additions for January 28, 2007

Assassin and the Whiner #15 – Carrie McNinchAunt Franne #5 – AnneDoris #14 – CindyDysfunctional Family #11 – Adrian, editorEightfold Path #5 – DarylEqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 3 – CIUT 89.5EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 1 – CIUT 89.5EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 8 – CIUT 89.5I’m Johnny and I Don’t Give A Fuck #5 – AndyJade’s… Continue reading New additions for January 28, 2007

New additions for January 21, 2007

A Cette Dame #1– Becky JohnsonCalendar Girl #1– Christine S.Ghetto Youth/Mylxine #12– Scott and SarahGirl Gang– FlyStatic Toe #4– Chris BarryThe Kids Can’t Sing– Chris and Lisa(untitled)– Mike Parsons

new additions for January 14, 2007

A Guide to the Mannerly Wooing & Winning of the Object of Your Affection- Matilda and EdwinaA Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance- ShelleyAnatomic Air Review #2, the- Sinoun Another Name for Nothing #3- JohnAs She Counted the Spiders #1- GnomexakaBeginnings- AnonymousBlack Carrot #1- DaveCaught In My Eye- Megan ButcherChep Whittaker Is Dead- Paul De DeckerChristine… Continue reading new additions for January 14, 2007